☀️🌍🌴 The 5 Most Epic Places For This Year’s Summer Vacation. 🌴🌍☀️ The List You Definitely Haven’t Seen.
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☀️🌍🌴 The 5 Most Epic Places For This Year’s Summer Vacation. 🌴🌍☀️ The List You Definitely Haven’t Seen.

Before you start scrolling down this wonderful list, don’t stop dreaming.


Just because you think travelling to these places is too expensive, keep reading, you’ll be surprised by what you see at the end ☺️


1) Atlantic Road, Norway

I’m surprised Norway is not one of the most popular travel destinations on Earth. It has breathtaking landscapes, the food is amazing, and the people are sooo cool! Now picture yourself driving down a road in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, listening to your favorite song – pick a travel buddy and go for it!

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2) Highlands, Scotland

Completely underrated, the Scottish Highlands is one of the most beautiful places on Earth (I can say this because I’ve been there myself). If you like road trips, whiskey, and funny accents, fly to Edinburgh, rent a car, and head up to the Highlands! It’s hard to describe, but all I can say is I spent 4 days in awe.

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3) Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

An African paradise – Bazaruto Island is made up of beautiful white sands, clear blue water and that sweet, warm, African wind. If that’s the kind of vibe you’re going for this summer, and you don’t want to be swarmed by other tourists, check it out.

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4) St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a hybrid between Amsterdam, Berlin, and a Russian fairytale. If you like culture trips definitely go there, if you like dancing, eating and getting lost walking around in a city, why are you still reading this?

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5) Azores, Portugal

Poached at the centre of the Atlantic Ocean, The Azores Islands are a perfect place for your summer vacation if you like the beach, mind-blowingly beautiful nature and good food. The ocean water is never too cold, as these Islands are volcanic, and the sand is funky black – super cool for those IG summer pics *smiley* Oh, and if you hate overpriced touristy places, you’re gonna love it there.

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Ok, so now I bet you want to go to all these places, but think “travelling is soooo expensive”.

Think again.


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